Frequently Asked Questions


Please read through these questions and answers. If you have questions that are not clear after reading the following items, please contract your principal videographer.

Q. Is it possible to video everyone at the wedding ceremony and reception? How long do you work with us on the day of our wedding?

A. No, it is normally not possible to guarantee that everyone will be filmed. As a general rule with our films, we focus solely on the bride and groom. If you want to make sure that a specific family member is filmed, you must contact us before the wedding. We will stay at the event until we get the footage we need to finish your film. If there is an event that will take place later in the evening, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make arrangements in our schedules.

Q. What if there's a surprise performance? Will I get an additional charge?

A. We love surprises just as much as you do, but we request that we have a heads up. Our sole purpose is to capture your special day, but some surprises take longer than others and we need to make sure we plan accordingly to ensure we are properly equipped to capture any surprises. We charge extra for surprises especially if we are not aware of (and only if you want a copy of the special performance). It's in your best interest to keep your wedding planner informed so that we can be properly equipped for any surprises. For more information please contact your principle videographer.

Q. How do you edit our film?

A. The we shoot and edit your film is by using candid camera film shooting and editing techniques. This means that your entire day (contracted hours) will be condensed into a highlight film based on your wedding package. Also please note, that we only include the most important moments from the wedding ceremony and reception. 

Q. Do you film in 4K? 

A. Yes, but only by request. Due to the size of 4K footage and the extra time to edit, we charge an additional $750 fee.

Q. Do you offer drone services?

A. Yes we do, drone services require an additional $400 per package. We also have access to stock drone footage if you prefer not to pay for drone services. Due to the nature of inclement weather, the flight of the drone isn't guaranteed to take flight for the safety of the property, guests, and the pilot.  Also, we are at the mercy of the hotels/property/private estates etc. on what they allow in terms of drone capture (we abide by ALL rules and laws). Luckily, in Hawaii we have almost year round sunshine.

Q. Do you offer underwater photo/video services?

A. Yes we do, and an additional $500/hr charge will be included to your package for this special type of filming.  Just like drones, this requires "specialized equipment" in order to achieve these shots.

Q. How long does it take to finish editing our film? Can we make changes to the final film?

A. We finish editing your film in 6 - 8 weeks.  During the busy seasons August - December, editing times can increase to 8 - 10 weeks.  We allow changes to the final film only if mistakes were made by Your Everyday Epic Films LLC's end.  Such mistakes include misspellings and other changes, which were discussed with us ahead of time. Other changes to the final film cane be made, but there will be an additional charge per hour to do so. Changes to the final film, which were not caused by Your Everyday Epic Films LLC, are billed at a rate of US $100.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours charged. These charges are not meant to be a deterrent, but changes to the final film that were not discussed with us ahead of time still take a great deal of additional editing time and excess resources.

Q. How do we get our wedding films when you are finished?

A. We will send an email to the point of contact with downloading and viewing options. We provide a private download link that will allow you to view and download your film. Download link will remain active for 3 weeks upon first email contact. After the 3 week period, the download link will be disabled. All files are digitally offered ONLY.